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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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disasters like earthquakes considering where we live. we are suggesting that it also important to address threats that have a more gradual onset associated with climate change and sea level rise is the primary risk. the port authority just released some new policy statements related to sea level rise and what they present at the historic resources at the water's edge. sea level rise is on the top of our minds but there are also risks associated with air pollution and probably others i didn't think of. to 50 of the creeping emergencies. that ends my presentation on the objectives. i would like to get your
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feedback on the structural changes and conceptual changes that we are proposing here but i would also like to get some recommendations for future staff presentations. we don't have anything scheduled now but we have discussed possible he coming back and looking specifically at the implementation measure plan either been bvr -- before or after we start looking at the policy. we can bring back for to you look at more specifically the brount of the specific document which is quite hefty and take a look at how that is organized if case there are a change that needsb to be there. if you have any input now, fg we are discuss this. we do have an open house plan on september 10th. we hope that
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you can all attend. i know some people have some conflicts and won't be able to attend. we hope to have a good attendance and to make this our jumping off point for the public outreach program to happen this fall an totd -- to the winter. thanks. let me know if you have questions. >> just to remind you, we have a hard stop. if you have items you want to discuss with staff afterwards if you want to contact them directly. commissioner wolfram? >> about objective nine. i'm not sure this is the right area for this idea. a lot of the cities have ordinances that requires a periodic inspection of facade, san francisco doesn't have one but we probably will have one.
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it's kind of a related topic because if there is going to be an earthquake, if there are maintenance issues with major building faudz facades it's when it's going to be very parent. maybe enacting policies that ensure the building preservation that requires building inspection facade. i'm not sure if this is a right place but it is a related topic. >> commissioner hyland? >> two things. i know mr. bueller from heritage made several specific comments in epa each of the three presentations. i would request his comments be incorporated. i know they are under public comment. and objective 9, this is just a nuance, but in the last sentence of 9.1, it talks about important
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historic structures that will is survive future disasters. this is a delicate approach to restoring and seismically improving buildings so that they is survive, however, because they are historic structures they are allowed a lot of latitude to provide the safety of the occupants, the building would sustain more damage that any upgrade at this time would cause more daniel -- damage that what would be able to be repaired. somehow we need to make sure that this doesn't ge miss construed that we are asking the building to get retro fitted to a higher stad standard that in the event it
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doesn't is survive. that in that thought ensure that historic resources are protected and restored in the aftermath of a disaster. our approach is to allow some daniel so we don't to have disturb historic materials in a retrofit. >> commissioners , niguel. anything -- else. no public comments. commissioners, back to you. no comments. we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> hello
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>> >> >> july 18, 2014, >> good afternoon, and welcome to the mayor's disability council this friday july 18, 2014. are we seeing captions. ?
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>> control room? captions? >> >> okay. control room. can we have captions on the large screen here in the room. >> we are going to hold now until we can get this resolved. thank you for your patience. >> >> good afternoon and welcome
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to the mayor's disability council this friday july 18, 2014, in room 400 of san francisco city hall. city hall is accessible to persons using wheelchair and other persons with mobility devices. access at the polk street/carlton b. assistive listening devices are available and our meeting is open captioned and sign language interpreted. our agendas are also available in large print and braille. please ask staff for any extra assistance. to prevent interference and for everyone to focus, please silence all mobile phones. your cooperation is appreciated. we welcome the public's participation during public comment. you may complete a
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speaker's card in the front of the room or call our bridge line. 415. 554. 9632. where a staff member will handle request to speak at the appropriate time. the mayor's disability council meetings are held on the third friday of the month. our next regular meeting will be september 19, 2014, from 1:00 p.m.-4 :00 p.m. at san francisco city hall in room 400. there will be no regularly scheduled meeting for the month of august. please call the office of mayor's on disability for information or to request accommodations. 415. 5546789. or t ty 415546799. please speak slowly into our
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microphone to assist our captioners and interpreters. thank you for joining us. we are going to proceed with roll call. >> thank you. cochair supanich? cochair derek zarda, present. councilmembers at that at tatiana cost kostanian, starlyn lara. denise senhaux, roland wong. present: >> thank you. now we'll proceed to action item no. 2. reading and approval of the agenda. city clerk: item no. 1,
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welcome. introductions and roll call. item no. 2. action item. reading and approval of the agenda. item no. 3: public comment. items not on today's agenda, but within the jurisdiction of the mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item no. 4. information item: report from cochair supanich. item no. 5. information item. report from the director of the mayor's office on disability. >> item no. 6. information item. uber and future efforts to include people with disabilities. uber will share details of their technology and how their services can support customers with disabilities. presentation by caitlin o'neil, public policy
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associate, uber. pensacola comment is welcome. break. the council will take a 10 -minute break. item no. 7. information item. draft building blocks for accessible bicycle facilities. san francisco municipal transportation agency sf mta will present a draft set of guidelines for preserving and improving accessibility in protected bike way projects. presentation by annette wils, accessible services manager, sf mta, miriam sorelli, transportation planner, sf mta livable streets and sandra padilla. transportation planner, sf mta accessible services. public is welcome. item no. 8. information item. a history of the disability rights movement. this is the presentation of a summer
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internship project researching the history of the disability rights movement from the perspective of a youth with a disability. presentation by anna bernick. youth works intern or mayor's office on disability. item 9. information and possible action item. youth commission's priority around disability awareness. presentation of the youth commission's efforts to promote disability awareness curriculum throughout the san francisco unified schooling district. additionally they will engage in a discussion with the council regarding collaborative efforts with other city bodies. presentation by ariel yu. chair of the health education and wellness committee. san francisco youth commission, luisa sicairos. anna bernick
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and joyce wu. item nor 10. information item. report from the disability disaster preparedness committee. item no. 11. public comment. items not on today's agenda, but within the jurisdiction of the mdc, each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item 12. information item. correspondence. item 13, discussion item. council member comments and announcements. >> item no. 14. adjourn. >> >> >> thank you. we are now moving to item no. 3. public comment. items not on today's agenda but the jurisdiction of the mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. first i have john alex. pedestrian safety advisory committee. >> thank you. cochair. my
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name again is john alex. i hold seat no. 4 on the pedestrian safety advisory committee representing the pedestrian and safety needs of people with disabilities and seniors in the city and county of san francisco. i come here on this point and open public comment to announce to you that a collaborative group has been created in san francisco to represent the transportation safety needs of seniors and people with disabilities. it's called transit justice. a peer of yours on the commission is a member of it that meets on the second wednesday of each month. in an available office of a disability non-profit in the san francisco city. so, it is addressing general topics of improvement on pedestrian
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safety and recent interest is also muni free muni passes for seniors and people with disabilities. so additional information can be available for me or from the chair of this group pira of senior and disability action. that is my public comment. thank you. >> thank you. next we have howard chad ner. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you. howard chad ner. i have spoken before many times about how the city's campaign against cars is harming disabled people and seniors among others. i want to make you aware of a new ballot measure for the election. we
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turned in over 17,000 signatures even though only 900 were required. it's called restored transportation balance. it's a broad based, the supporters are a broad based coalition that includes people from all over san francisco, political spectrum. it would be a declaration of policy that would call for among other things freezing parking meter and fine rates for 5 years. having permanent having free passionating e -- parking at meters on sundays and holidays. the mayor is putting a temporary restriction on enforcement on sunday. we think after the election it may go back to the way it was. also the measure would call for a motor ist
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representative on the mta board since they are not only responsible for the buses and light rail but the design on the streets. it's only fair there should be a motorist representative as there are representative of other modes of transportation. it would also call for equal enforcement of traffic laws against all modes of transportation. so it's called restore balance, restored transportation balance. our website is restore balance 2014 .org. please check it out and look for it on the november election. thank you. >> thank you. next i have evelyn and my apologies for
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last name. thank you. >> i didn't know these meetings existed and i'm glad. i wish they were more well publicized. but here i am and also the muni routes which affect me greatly as far as being cutoff . anyhow. i know uber is being discussed. i'm sorry. i know that uber accessibility is being discussed on the agenda, but kind of related, i think i wanted to make this comment now and i heard mta. i'm thinking of something that severely affects the most vulnerable of the city and counties populations are those with disabilities and seniors and we know. apparently muni
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has hardly any connection with the para transit services. i would like to see our city and county actually have these over under staffed, three reservationist, three dispatchers and they have very difficult conditions and they should be really a part of our city services and certainly part of muni and at some point when the routes are further discussed, i have comments on that. small routes that are being cut, who needs those? well, i would be homebound if we did not. i this -- think that mostly returns. the steps of the vans don't extend lie muni
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do. that's a violence -- violation of the ada. old seat belts. they don't do over the shoulder. they are old vans. they are getting new ones. they are outsourced. think of it. our whole population with people with disability and seniors. so i probably extended out from the meeting too much and the agenda, but thank you very much for being here. i just wish i knew about it monthly meetings earlier. you will be seeing me again. thank you so much for being here and listening to us. >> thank you. moving along we have item no. 4. information item. report from cochair supanich. >> thank you, cochair zarda.
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i have two reports. the first report for the long-term care meeting for the last 3 months. the lccc guides development of an integrated network of home, community based and institutional services for older adults and adults with disabilities. the council makes policy recommendations to the mayor and to the board of supervisors. the lpccc meets on the second thursday every month from 1-3:00 p.m.. to cover time restraints my report will cover on the community. san francisco will become a friendly city. it is a long process that involves assessment and strategic planning and monitoring over a three 3-year period. they
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intend to have older adults and adults with disabilities involved in every step of the process. areas of assessment and planning will include housing, employment and transportation. hopefully it was expressed that this will also include efforts to enhance the community's willingness to employ the disabled who are chronically unemployed. there was no meeting in may. the council met on june 12th. a presentation from the mayor's office on housing community development was about changes of the san francisco housing administration and it's financial health. a fund for maintaining the building was created. services for residents will be included on-site. there was some concern about whether there will be enough for younger people with disabilities and also an update on the living fund. clf,